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Medicine Wheel
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Julie suggested a medicine wheel to me when I was experiencing a major crisis in my life. The five week process was absolutely transformational, and Julie was the perfect guide to assist my journey back to discover my truth.  The realisations, practices and insight I gained from the Medicine wheel process now form part of my tool kit for life. I believe that everyone would benefit from such an amazing journey, with such an incredible and wise woman.

- Victoria, H.

I was recommended Julie by a friend when I was experiencing what can only be described as a multiple car crash in terms of my health. At my first meeting with Julie - she said: "this is the best thing that's ever happened to you." I was taken a back but knew even then there was some truth in that. I was later to find out why.
I endured gruelling surgery and treatment in terms of conventional medical treatment with wonderful doctors and nurses and regular sessions with Julie allowed me to bounce back, She breathed the life back into me with her amazing energy, I couldn't have made it without her and her belief in me and my recovery. But I would add here she worked for me because I wanted to get well. xxxxxxxxxxx

- Louise Manson, former health writer for The Sunday Times, the London Evening Standard and The Sun newspaper.

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A friend recommended Julie for shiatsu whilst I was pregnant.  I had had acupuncture before and was keen to continue with something like that during my pregnancy, especially as I was an older mum-to-be.  I am so glad I did, I saw Julie once a month and as a result didn’t suffer from any back problems and felt really well throughout the pregnancy.  At each session we would have a chat about how I was feeling (it was a great therapy session too!), she would then tailor the treatment based on what she had heard but also from what she could feel in terms of my energy flow.  Julie is very experienced, not only in shiatsu, but she is also a healer and has a wealth of knowledge in terms of herb treatments and remedies, meaning each treatment was very thorough and holistic.  The main focus was the shiatsu massage, like cracking my back into place, but she would also tap into her healing skills and give me tips in terms of what I needed to keep an eye on and eat/drink to improve e.g. magnesium levels to stop night cramps and leafy greens to improve iron levels.  When I was worried about the birth she listened and gave some great advice, we also had a couple of treatments close to my due date to bring on the labour so I didn’t have to be induced, I gave birth two days early in fact.... two days after my last treatment with Julie!
I would thoroughly recommend Julie for pre-natal shiatsu, I truly believe she had a large part to play in my very healthy and comfortable pregnancy. x

- Lynsey, A.

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Post natal
I had treatments with Julie throughout my pregnancy, and started to have treatments again around 6 weeks after Ava was born.  I was feeling run down, tired and emotional, and my back was really hurting, so to get a couple of hours with Julie was much needed and a well earned piece of me time!  Julie is great to talk to, she listened to how I was feeling both emotionally and physically and tailored the treatment based on that and what she was seeing and feeling during the time together.  Her thorough, holistic approach means you don’t just get a shiatsu massage, she pulls on all her other experience as a healer and expert in natural health and nutrition.  I have been seeing Julie monthly since the birth of my daughter, she has helped me improve my energy levels, emotional and physical well-being, including helping me produce more milk for breast feeding and treating my back and shoulders, which are straining under the weight of carrying a heavy 5 month old!  I am planning to have treatments monthly and  would recommend them to any mum!

- Lynsey, A.

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I have met many people in my life who are working in the complimentary field of Medicine and in my opinion Julie is truly a `Medicine Woman`.
She is trustworthy, has True Integrity and absolutely no ego. She respects her clients and honours and respect her clients confidentiality and works to the best of their ability on all levels.
When she took me on a shamanic journey I felt completely safe in her presence and put my trust in the process, that was new to me.
The journey is obviously personal to me but also it healed me on a ancestral level, it enabled me to put a very traumatic event safely and truly in the past. I cannot recommend Julie high enough, she works with you to help you to heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.
Julie is A True Medicine Woman.

-Susan, H. Cornwall.

Qi Gong
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Daily qi gong with Julie has been a lifeline. It enables greater balance, healing, acceptance, connection and deep joy. Julie's knowledge is vast. She is caring, eloquent and inspiring, as well as massively helpful. We love qi gong with Julie. XX

- Hannan, C.

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Over the few months that I have been practicing Qi Gong with Julie as my teacher, I have felt more open, happy, accepting and balanced as a result. This is something that has worked on every level of myself - mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually... Through putting into practice only a snippet of the wealth of knowledge that Julie shares has been beautifully transformative and incredibly nourishing. Julie is a kind, experienced and invaluably helpful teacher whose knowledge of her field seems endless, and adds so much to classes with her. Highly highly recommended!

- Sarah, F.

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